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Video:  "Serpentine Falls - Kittys Gorge"

Click on arrow button to play/repeat video (length = 3:30 minutes).

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View NW across Serpentine River valley toward the Swan coastal plain,

May 2003.


View north across Serpentine River Valley and up Gooralong Brook valley (toward Kittys Gorge),

Aug. 2002.


View north across Serpentine valley and Spencers mud cottage (white) and up Gooralong Brook valley, Aug. 2002.




Historic bridge across Serpentine River (Spencers mud cottage in rear),

April 2002.


Cascades in Kittys Gorge after winter rains,

July 2003.


More cascades

 in Kittys Gorge,

July 2003.




Waterfall in Kittys Gorge,  

Aug. 2008.


Pool in Serpentine River above the Falls,

May 2003.


View of swimming hole at bottom of  Serpentine Falls (Note: For safety reasons this vantage point is not on the walk route.)

April 2002.




Scarlet Robin

 on pipeline valve, Serpentine River valley,

July 2003.


Ghost gums or salmon white gums and Serpentine River above the Falls,

 May 2003.


White Spider Orchid

(Caladenia longicauda)

above Kittys Gorge,

Sept. 2007.


Invasive weeds along Gooralong Brook

- Arum Lily, Blackberry, Watsonia, Narrow-leaf Cotton Bush,

Sept. 2007.

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